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Each October, T.M.H.S. begins its season with an open slide night. Many of our members bring slides to illustrate their summer shipwatching but, all too often, the slides seen on such occasions are subsequently filed away by their owners, never again to see the light of a projector. Perhaps a collective swapping of slides would benefit more members and enhance more collections faster than would normal trading on a one-to-one basis. I am therefore submitting the following proposal for the careful consideration of all T.M.H.S. members.

I propose that members interested in a slide pool submit to the pool five slides of good quality. After a certain date, entry would be closed in order that trading might begin. Then, at a regular T.M.H.S. meeting, the names of all those joining the pool would be placed in a hat and drawn to determine slide selection order. As each member's turn to draw from the pool would come up, he could draw up to a maximum of ten slides but would have to add to the kitty from his own collection a number of slides equal to that drawn. Each slide placed in the pool would be labelled with the name of the photographer and, where possible, the date of the photo. Only views of lakers would be accepted (at least at the beginning of the pool), and the accent would be on older tonnage.

This is ONLY a proposal and is published here in order to seek the thoughts of T.M.H.S. members on the subject. Comments and suggestions concerning the proposal should be submitted to the undersigned, or to the Editor.

Alan Sykes, 16 Thomson Road, Welland, Ontario. L3C 3M9.


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