Les Goelettes de Charlevoix

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We do not normally review books which are neither written nor published by a member but we make a rare exception this issue to bring to the attention of our readers a book which, by virtue of its very nature, is unlikely to be reviewed in other lake area publications or otherwise to become known to those hereabouts who would value it as a reference work.

Les Goelettes de Charlevoix is the work of Michel Desgagnes (yes, he is of the Desgagnes shipping family, a son of J.A.Z. Desgagnes) and describes the history and nature of the goelettes which were the particular pride of Charlevoix County, Quebec, but which could be seen all over the St. Lawrence River and, on many occasions, in the Great Lakes. The book traces the development of the goelette over the years with great emphasis on the details of construction. It features the 1952 building of MONT STE-MARIE at Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive and this will interest lake historians for this vessel was a frequent visitor to the lakes. The book lists various goelettes, giving building details and dimensions, but unfortunately it does not give subsequent names or vessel histories.

Les Goelettes de Charlevoix is recommended for the libraries of those of us who can read French, for it is not published in English. Ye Ed has read it and found the French fairly easy for those not exactly fluent in the language. A 182-page illustrated softcover, it is available at the price of $9.95 from Les Editions Lemeac Inc., 5111 Durocher, Montreal, Quebec H2V 3X7. We thank Michel Vezina for bringing this book to our attention.


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