Namesakes 1930 - 1955

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Member John O. Greenwood is well-known in lake shipping circles not only for his involvement with the operation of the vessels of the Interlake Steamship Company, but also for his own literary efforts together with the numerous other books published by his firm, Freshwater Press Inc. John's major contributions have been the books of the "Namesakes" series which describe and illustrate many lake boats and give the derivation of the name of each.

John's latest effort, Namesakes 1930 - 1955, covers boats extant on the lakes as of January 1930 but scrapped, lost, or otherwise gone from the scene by December 1955. Included are 422 ships, listed by their last lake names and each illustrated by a photo, some of which are extremely rare, to say the least. The book covers a fascinating period of lake history which saw not only the advent of the modern laker (as we knew her twenty years ago) but also the last days of the wooden carriers which were shortly to disappear from the lake scene.

Namesakes 1930 - 1955 is a fully-indexed 429-page hardcover which follows the format of the earlier "Namesakes" books. It is available from Freshwater Press Inc., Room 258, The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, U.S.A. We would recommend the book to our readers as an invaluable addition to their collections.


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