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The public press has never been noted for its accuracy when dealing with stories of a marine nature. Nevertheless, an item which recently appeared in a Great Lakes area newspaper must surely take the prize for hitting bottom. For the amusement of our readers, we reproduce the report unedited. We have omitted only the name of the paper in which it appeared".

Ships Headed for Repairs (January 6, 1978)

Windsor - One ship is laid up and another is on its way to Cleveland for repairs following a collision early Thursday on the Detroit River about 25 kilometres south of here.

The U.S. Coast Guard said two empty coal carriers, the IRVING S. OLDS and the ARMCO, were part of a downbound convoy of four ships en route to Minnesota when they collided. There were no injuries and no serious damage reported.

The IRVING S. OLDS apparently hit a solid ice ridge in the river, stopped, and was struck astern by the ARMCO, the Coast Guard said. The ships were freed after two hours of manoeuvring. The OLDS was docked at U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh for repairs while the ARMCO left for the Oglebay Norton docks in Cleveland.

It must have been an interesting trip on the OLDS from Windsor to Pittsburgh, but then nothing would appear to be impossible for a laker that can sail downbound to Minnesota! Somewhere out there is an eager reporter who could use a lesson or two in geography...


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