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At the January Meeting, we received an enquiry concerning the large tug TECHNO VENTURE which strayed into the lakes during 1977. She is an older vessel, having been built in 1939 at Blyth, England. She measures 138.3 x 30.6 x 15.1 and her tonnage is 470 Gross and 93 Net. Known previously as DRAGONET, she was brought into Canadian registry in the early 1960's by Foundation Maritime Ltd. and was renamed FOUNDATION VENTURE. Later sold to Marine Industries Ltd., she sailed as M.I.L. VENTURE. She recently became a unit of the fleet of Techno Maritime Ltee., a Quebec City towing and salvage company. She is based this winter at Sorel under the terms of an arrangement with the United Towing and Salvage Company Ltd. Appearances in the lakes by TECHNO VENTURE are likely to be rare.

OOPS! It was only one little word but you readers won't let us get away with anything these days'. On Page Three of the January issue, we mentioned that Johnstone Shipping Ltd. had been attempting to purchase the tanker CEDARBRANCH from Branch Lines Ltd. The trouble was that we referred to her as the "idle" CEDARBRANCH. We wish to thank member Rene Beauchamp for reminding us that CEDARBRANCH was operative in 1977 and, in fact, did not lay up until late in December. Our mind was undoubtedly wandering when we wrote the article (so what else is new?) and we must have been thinking of WILLOWBRANCH which has not operated since 1975.


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