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Table of Illustrations
1 The camera of Al. Sagon-King caught LOC BAY in the Welland Canal on December 11, 1977 en route to winter quarters at Erie, Pennsylvania.
2 RICHARD V. LINABURY is downbound in the St. Mary's River near Frechette point in this July 26, 1975 photo by J. H. Bascom.
3 This most extraordinary photo by Charles Barker shows CHIPPEWA lying alongside the Terminal Warehouse, Toronto, while fitting out for one of her last seasons of operation.
4 CHIPPEWA, with something less than a full crowd aboard, is inbound at Toronto's Eastern Gap in this photo dating to about 1930.
5 Nearing the end of her career, CHIPPEWA is seen leaving Queenston wharf prior to turning and heading down he Niagara River. Photo by Charles Barker.

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