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Several issues back, we carried in these pages a history of the Interpro-vincial Steamship Company together with a profile of each of the ships which the company operated during the years it served lake ports. We have now received further information on these ships from Jim Kidd who has been continuing his investigation of some of the question marks in the ships' histories. Much of the material has come from Mr. Len Grey of the World Ship Society. Here follow various corrections and comments:

DELIA, (C.145292). Originally built for Dampschiffahrts Gesellschaft Neptun, Bremen. Sold 1921 to Anglo-Portuguese Steamship Company Ltd. (M. Isaacs and Sons Ltd., managers), London, who owned her until sold 1927 to Frank K. Warren. She was then registered at Newcastle and was not registered at Halifax until 1929. Mr Grey has the interesting opinion that DELIA was surrendered as a prize at the end of World War I, although confirmation cannot be supplied. This could possibly explain the transfer from German to British ownership.

ULVA, (C.135321). Was sold 1920 to the Anglo-Polish Steamship Line Ltd., Leopold Walford (London) Ltd., managers, and was renamed POZNAN. Sold 1922 to the Scandinavian Shipping Company Ltd., Glen and Company, managers, Glasgow, and renamed ULVA. This latter firm operated her until she was sold to Warren.

Incidentally, Mr. Grey confirms that DELIA did appear in Lloyds Register so we stand corrected re a comment that we had made to the contrary. In addition, member George Ayoub has found that DELIA was in Lloyds between 1908 and 1922.


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