Ships of the Great Lakes on Postcards

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Ships of the Great Lakes on Postcards
The Interprovincial Steamship Company
The Shipping Interests of Charles O. Jenkins
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The above is the title of a volume recently published by one of our newer members, Bob Welnetz of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It is an 80-page softcover in which are reproduced a number of postcards illustrating Great Lakes vessels and harbour scenes, some of them familiar issues and some not so familiar. Each is dated (where possible) and is identified by its original caption from the back of the card. Postcard captions are never noted for their accuracy in describing the subject and these are no exception, so the author has added notes of his own. The cover is a montage of interesting lake boat cards although, strangely enough, right in the middle of the front cover appears the famous Hudson River Day Line triple-stacked, beam-engined sidewheeler ROBERT FULTON!

Ships of the Great Lakes on Postcards is the first in a planned series of similar volumes. It is available at a cost of $3.50 (postage and handling included) from Welnetz Studio, 3501 Custer Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220, U. S. A.


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