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Readers will recall that CITY OF OTTAWA was featured as our Ship of the Month No. 54 in the February issue.

INDIA unloads grain at a Montreal elevator. The date would be about 1921.
We stated that the ship ran in 1929 for the Algoma Steamship Company of Hamilton under the name (d) SAULT STE. MARIE, but that the service was not successful and that she passed in 1930 to the Pine Ridge Coal Company, Detroit, as a result of a bailiff's sale. Actually, we now learn that she did not pass to Pine Ridge Coal right away. Seems she was purchased in 1930 by the Detroit Tug Line which obtained her from Algoma and cut her down to a barge, giving her back her old name INDIA. The Detroit Tug Line, however, soon went into bankruptcy and it was then that she passed to Pine Ridge Coal via the bailiff's sale.

Mention was also made in our article of the fact that during the 1930's, when INDIA was owned by C. W. Bryson's India Navigation Company, she was frequently towed by MARITA, a rather strange steamer which Bryson owned and had registered in the name of his Copper Steamship Company. It appears that MARITA and INDIA visited Toronto at least once during this period to load scrap for delivery to a Lake Erie port.


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