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Information on the many ferryboats operating on the St. Lawrence River is often hard come by for observers from the lakes. With the many changes over the last few years, it has been difficult to keep track of the comings and goings of these interesting craft. Thanks to the assistance of new member Kevin C. Griffin of Montreal, who incidentally is Commercial Manager, Newfoundland Services - Steamship Division, Clarke Transportation Canada Ltd., we are pleased to present the complete roster of major ferry operations on the St. Lawrence for the 1976 season. Operators are listed alphabetically with a notation of the route served and vessels operated.

Cartier Navigation Company Ltd.. St. Louis. Ile-aux-Coudres.
Route: St. Joseph-de-la-Rive / St. Louis.
Vessels: TROIS RIVIERES, 882 tons, 1962. ?
LA MARJOLAINE, 346 tons, 1914. (Spare Boat)
Clarke Transportation Canada Ltd.. Montreal.
Route: Riviere-du-Loup / St. Simeon.
Vessels: TRANS-ST. LAURENT, 2173 tons, 1963. RADISSON, 1149 tons, 1954.*
Route: Baie Ste. Catherine / Tadoussac.
Vessels: CHARLEVOIX, 535 tons, 1962.
SAGUENAY, 429 tons, 1958.
PIERRE DE SAUREL, 538 tons, 1957. *
Compagnie de Traverse du St. Laurent Ltee., Sorel.
Route: Sorel / Ile St. Ignace.
Vessel: LUCIEN L., 867 tons, 1967.
Cooperative de Transport Maritime & Aerien, Magdalen Islands.
Route: Souris, P.E.I. / Magdalen Islands.
Vessel: LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY, 4245 tons, 1965. #
Societe des Traversiers du Quebec, Quebec.
Route: Quebec / Levis.
Vessels: ALPHONSE DESJARDINS, 1741 tons, 1971. *
LOMER GOUIN, 1741 tons, 1971. *
Traverse Matane - Godbout Ltee.. Matane.
Route: Matane / Baie Comeau / Godbout.
Vessels: CAMILLE MARCOUX, 6122 tons, 1974. *
SIEUR D'AMOURS, 2558 tons, 1968. *
Traverse Trois Pistoles - Escoumains Ltee.. Trois Pistoles.
Route: Trois Pistoles / Les Escoumains.
Vessel: LE GOBELET D'ARGENT, 386 tons, 1973.

Note: # Indicates ferry supplied by the Canadian Ministry of Transport.

* Indicates ferries supplied by the Quebec Department of Transport.

It is interesting to note the involvement of the Quebec provincial government in St. Lawrence ferry operations. The Societe des Traversiers du Quebec (Quebec Ferry Corporation) actually owns seven of the ships listed above although it only operates two itself. In addition, the authority also subsidizes free ferry fares at Sorel.

Two former St. Lawrence ferries, N. A. COMEAU and MANIC, which have been replaced by CAMILLE MARCOUX and LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY respectively, are at present up for sale, the first by the Quebec government and the latter by the federal authorities.


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