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ROBERT HOBSON, under the name OUTARDE (III), cleared Humberstone on September 26 bound light to Walkerville. No repair to her bow will be done until November when she will be required to be put on the dock for inspection. The necessary repairs will cost about $120,000.

International Harvester is going out of the steel production business and an offer for its Wisconsin Steel Works and certain other assets has been made by the McLouth Steel Company. The deal would include the bulk carrier THE INTERNATIONAL and as a result you may see her in Cliffs colours soon, since McLouth is affiliated with the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company.

It is hoped that TRILLIUM will be back at Toronto by the end of October. We trust that Metro Parks will see fit to steam her into port on delivery, although we understand that present plans call for her to be towed.

Look for a sale of A.T. LAWSON before the autumn is finished and keep your eye on one of the Kinsman scrappers - she may be sold for further operation.



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