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The Editor's Notebook
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With this issue we kick off the eighth volume of our publication and we hope that it will be our best yet. We have some great features planned for you and these will come your way in due course. Meanwhile, we still need your help in getting the news and other articles to us, for it is on our readers that we depend for much of our "Marine News" section. Keep those cards and letters coming and please remember that we like to hear from each of you, although the pressure of work involved in preparing "Scanner" for printing each month does not always allow us the time to send a personal reply for each letter we receive. But you may rest assured that we are grateful for every bit of help that comes our way.

MEMBERSHIP FEES for the 1975-76 society year are now due and payable and your remittance (in Canadian funds if possible, or else including an allowance for exchange and bank charges on U.S. cheques) should be sent to the Treasurer, Mr. James M. Kidd, 83 Humberview Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1W9. This will be the last issue that will be sent to those who do not renew, so please - let us hear from you right away.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to John S. Coulter of Burlington, Ontario, and to Brian R. Hallett of Ottawa.


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