The New Namesakes of the Lakes

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The New Namesakes of the Lakes
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Louis Shickluna - Shipbuilder
Ship of the Month No. 48 Reuben Doud
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We are pleased to report that Freshwater Press Inc, has now released the reprint of Mr. John O. Greenwood's book Namesakes of the Lakes, the new volume being entitled The New Namesakes of the Lakes. The 402-page book, available at a cost of $l4.75, is an updated version of the original work and uses the same format, that is, one page per active ship with a photo and description of each vessel and an explanation of where the ship got her name.

There have, of course, been certain additions and deletions of ships and the new volume is as up to date as possible. A large number of the original photographs have been replaced by more suitable pictures and this makes the reprint much more attractive than the first effort. We are sure that all marine historians will want to add The New Namesakes of the Lakes to their libraries.


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