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The summer of 1974 was certainly a dismal one for lake shipping observers and photographers. What with the Welland Canal accident and the Canadian engineers' and deck officers' strikes, the shipping channels wore pretty bare of traffic.

Things were different back in 1919, however, and just to show you what you missed we reproduce here a section of the vessel passages column taken from the Detroit Free Press of June 11, 1919. The clipping came to us through the courtesy of fellow member Harry J. Wolf of Detroit.

DETROIT - June 10 - Upbound:

Adam E. Cornelius, Francis Widlar, 9:l0 p.m. Monday; Andrew S. Upson, 10:30; W.F. White 12:l5 a.m. Tuesday; B. F. Berry, 2:00; A. C. Hall, 2:l5; Dickinson (sic), Wyandotte, Munising, 2:30; Clemens A, Reiss, 3:15; Glenorchy, 3:30; W. D. Matthews, 4:40; Uranus, 5:45; August Ziesing, 6:l0; William P. Palmer, 6:45; J. S. Ashley, 7:55; Thomas Walters, 8:00; Huron, 8:05; J. Leonard Replogle, 8:10; Martian, 9:00; Sidney 0. Neff, 9:40; James E. Davidson, ll:20; James B. Neilson, Marcia, ll:30; Henry H. Rogers, 12:25 p.m.; Francis L. Robbins, 1:00; Herman H. Hettler, 1:45; Emory L. Ford, 3s45; Hazen Butler, 4:00; Price McKinney, 4:30; Robert J. Paisley, 5:00, Cor alia, 5:30; Joseph Sellwood, 6:l5.

DETROIT - June 10 - Downbound:

Captain Thomas Wilson, 7:50 p.m., Monday; A. T. Kinney, 8:20; La Belle, 8:30; Cygnus, 9:00; Harvard, 9:10; Sonora, P. P. Miller, 10s30; Frank O'Connor, 10:35; Henry G. Dalton, 11:10; Delos W. Cooke, George G. Crawford, midnight; W. H. Sawyer, l:00 a.m. Tuesday; Mecosta, 1:30; Calumet, 2;00; Imperial, S. O. Co. No. 41, 10:30; tug Q. A. Gilmore, Calcite, 10:45; Kearsarge, ll:05; tug John M. Truby, Wisconsin, dredge No. 1, 11:15; Douglass Houghton, George H. Corliss, 11:00; Alexander McDougall, Magna, 12:15 p.m.; Renown, ls50; Boston, 5:15; Charles H. Bradley,6s05.

SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN - June 10 - Upbound:

Cuyler Adams, Alex B. Uhrig, J.T. Hutchinson, 8s00 p.m. Monday; Midvale, 8:20; James C. Wallace, W. Grant Morden, 10:30; John H. McLean, W. LeBaron Jenney,l:30 a.m., Tuesday; W. D. Rees, 2:30; Augustus B. Wolvin, 4:00; William Livingstone, 5:00; W. G. Pollock, 6:00; Maunaloa, Maia, D. O. Mills, 7:30; Winnipeg, Muncy, Glenlyon, 9:00; Matthew Andrews, Frank H. Goodyear, W. K. Bixby, 10:30; Jacob T. Kopp, noon; William P. Cowan, 4:00; Athabasca, 5:00; Edward N. Breitung, 5:30.

SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN - June 10 - Downbound:

W. Grant Morden, Jupiter, Myron, Miztec, 9:00 p.m. Monday; Thomas F. Cole, 10:00; Leonard B. Miller, Hagarty, 11:00; General Garretson, Superior City, midnight} Clarence A. Black, Sidney G. Thomas, l:30 a.m. Tuesday; Adriatic 2:00; Queen City, 3:00; Pegasus, Marquette, 3:30; Samuel Mather (large), Frank C. Ball, 5:00; John Ericsson, Maida, R. R. Richardson, 7:00; J. K. Dimmick, 8:00; Herbert F. Black, Willis L. King, William E. Corey, 8:30; Lyman C. Smith, Samuel Mitchell, Henry Phipps, 9:30; John J. Boland, 10:00; Agawa, 10:30; Horace F. Wilkinson, D.G. Kerr, 11:30; B. F. Jones, Sir Trevor Dawson, l:00 p.m.; George W. Perkins, Malietoa, 2:00; Philip Minch, Charles Hubbard, 3:00; Elbert H. Gary, Alexis W. Thompson, 4:30; George F. Baker, 6:30.


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