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Re. membership fees; If you have been wondering whether you are paid up for the 1974-75 season, don't worry. If you receive this issue, then you're all paid up. It's the others who will do the worrying!

Re the January Meeting: Please be sure to note that the January meeting has been scheduled for the SECOND Friday of the month rather than the first. This has been done so as not to interfere with the Christmas-New Year's holiday period when people usually find themselves quite busy enough without having meetings to remember. For February we will revert to the usual date.

Our October slide night proved to be a great success. Our members' slides featured subjects ranging in location from the Canadian west coast to the British Isles with many stops in between. We had such a variety that perhaps we should think about opening our own travel bureau! Please remember that we would appreciate receiving suggestions for meetings and offers from members who might wish to present a program on a subject of their choice.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Kevin Kilgallon of Toronto, to David Michelson of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, and to Thomas A. Sykora of Rocky River, Ohio.


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