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Elsewhere in this issue we reported the possible sale of a vessel to the Hindman Transportation Company Ltd. We can now confirm that the ship involved is the Hanna Mining Company's steamer MATTHEW ANDREWS and her sale has been approved by U. S. MarAd. It is believed that when she enters service for her new owners she will be rechristened BLANCHE HINDMAN, The MATTHEW ANDREWS is a 595-footer built in 1924 by the Great Lakes Engineering Works at River Rouge. She originally sailed as EDWARD J. BERWIND.

The newest acquisition of the Hall Corporation, the tanker JON RAMSOY, will be renamed DOAN TRANSPORT. She is presently being refitted at Sorel and soon will be in regular service. The vessel was purchased specially to carry for Dow Chemical.

The steam sidewheel ferry TRILLIUM was towed out of Toronto on the morning of October 2nd by the Canadian Dredge & Dock tug G. W. ROGERS. She had lain in Toronto's Keating Channel since August 6th when she was returned from drydock at Whitby by the tug SOULANGES. The ROGERS and her rather odd-looking charge (minus her cabins) passed up the Welland Canal the same day they left Toronto and the ferry is now moored along the West Street wharf in Port Colborne where her restoration will be completed by Herb Fraser & Associates. It will be most interesting to watch the step-by-step rebirth of the one-time queen of this city's ferry fleet.

An interesting visitor to Toronto Harbour during the Welland Canal closing was the United States Coast Guard icebreaker WESTWIND which arrived in port on September 1st and tied up at the foot of Yonge Street. She remained until September 9th and passed up the canal on the following day. WESTWIND was bound for Milwaukee where she will be stationed for winter icebreaking service.

The strike affecting Canadian lake vessels finally came to an end at the beginning of October when agreement was reached between the Canadian Lake Carriers Association and the union representing engineers. The first vessel to leave Toronto subsequent to the settlement was ENGLISH RIVER which cleared on October 2nd.

The Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (Owen Sound Transportation Company) has advertised for tenders for its steamer NORISLE which is now surplus as a result of the commissioning of the new ferry CHI-CHEEMAUN, Closing date for tenders on NORISLE is October 15 and it will be extremely interesting to see whether any other operators are interested in using the hand-fired coal-burning steamer. CHI-CHEEMAUN, incidentally, entered service on Sunday, September 29th.



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