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Whaddya Mean, I Have to Wait for the Green Light?
Strike Ties Up Canadian Lake Fleet
Ship of the Month No. 42 Lakeside
Late Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 In this photo by the Editor taken only a few hours after the August 25 accident, the damaged STEELTON can be seen over the wreckage of Welland Canal Bridge 12. Note the fllen east bridge tower at left of photo.
2 The handsome little LAKESIDE leaves Port Dalhousie harbour enroute to Toronto. Directly behind the steamer is Lakeside Park. Photo c.1909 by Rowley W. Murphy.
3 This very rare photo, taken by a member of the Russell family and provided through the courtesy of Capt. John Leonard,shows JOSEPH L. RUSSELL at Oswego in the mid-Twenties. At left is the Erie Canal steam barge "M. G. PHELPS".

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