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It is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity of mentioning here one of the most impressive marine volumes to come off the presses in many a year. We are referring to The Lower St. Lawrence by Ivan S. Brookes of Hamilton, Ontario,

This work is designed specifically for those interested in the history and geography of the lower St. Lawrence River together with the ships that have served on its waters and come to grief along its shores. But you need not be a St. Lawrence enthusiast to enjoy Mr. Brookes' effort, for the book reveals to those not familiar with the area an idea of the whereabouts of all those strange little ports many of us have heard of and never thought of visiting, but which crop up time and time again in our shipping research. This is especially true of the section dealing with little-known Anticosti Island, a veritable graveyard of lost vessels.

Mr. Brookes is a meticulous researcher and the result is the most authoritative work on the lower St. Lawrence (from Quebec down) that we may ever expect to see. He writes with a familiarity that can only come from first hand knowledge of the area and he has included a multitude of interesting and rare photos which should be of value to all readers as many of the ships illustrated are lakers. Also included are appendices giving tables of shipwrecks and the products of various shipyards.

We heartily recommend The Lower St. Lawrence to all our readers. Hardcover and 361 pages, it is available at a cost of $14.75 from Freshwater Press Inc., Room 463 The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio,44114.


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