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Our Dinner Meeting on April 5th was a resounding success and those present enjoyed a very pleasant meal served at the Ship Inn at the Museum. The program presented by Rev. Peter Van der Linden was the high point of the evening and the excellent slides of departed steamers held us spellbound. Our thanks go to Father Van der Linden for coming from Detroit (or rather Harsen's Island) to talk to us. Just don't mention the return trip by train! We were very pleased to see so many of our Detroit members in attendance.

By the time this reaches you, our May movie night will be past and there will be no meeting until October. Even though we do not have regular meetings during the summer months, we would be open to suggestions of possible summer activities for the Society. Let us know if you have an idea.

As announced at the Dinner, Bruce Smith has agreed to accept the position of Chairman and your Committee feels that Bruce is the best person we could ever hope to find for the position. We know he will do a great job.

This will be the last monthly issue of SCANNER until October, but don't forget that we will have a mid-summer issue appearing in August (as plans go now). Keep the news flowing in so we can recap it all at that time. Meanwhile, we should like to wish everybody a very happy summer season of boat watching, photography and artifact scrounging.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Ken Michelson of Marine City, Michigan.


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