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Our December meeting was most successful and all enjoyed viewing the excellent photos of famous passenger vessels shown by Bill Wilson. His comments were also most interesting. It was a strange coincidence that the meeting fell on the same night that NIEUW AMSTERDAM sailed on her final voyage and, of course, this ship featured in Bill's show. Our thanks to Bill for an enjoyable evening.

Normally in the January issue, we begin our listing of winter layup fleets at the various lake ports, but as we go to press this time the shipping season is still very much alive and it will be some weeks yet before we can compile accurate listings of winter berthings. We hope to have some local ports ready for reporting in the February issue. Our readers' assistance in this task will be greatly appreciated.

Members are reminded that the first section of each of our meetings is reserved for announcements and news of current interest and members may, during this period, show slides dealing with newsworthy happenings. So if you have one or two new photos (of items such as ships on their last trips), bring them along. Participation of all present is our goal.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Bill Waller of Kingston (and of the CALGADOC), to Francis Dowd of Mackinac Island, and to Robert Howard of Toronto.


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