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The parade of scrap vessels down the Welland Canal continues. On June 7, the tugs SALVAGE MONARCH and HELEN M. McALLISTER brought PETER REISS to the scrapyard at Humberstone where she will be cut up as soon as the last remains of ALPENA are removed. Then on June 9, the same tugs towed down the Kinsman steamer R.E.WEBSTER. The MONARCH then returned to Lake Erie where she picked up A.E.NETTLETON at Buffalo. She brought the NETTLETON into Port Colborne on June 10 aided by G.W.ROGERS and they subsequently proceeded down the canal.

The passenger and auto ferry ST. JOSEPH ISLAND, formerly, operated across the St.Joseph Channel, near Richards Landing, passed down the Welland Canal on June 8th in tow of the tug DANA T. BOWEN. Recently displaced by a new bridge the ferry is, we understand, to be operated in the Kingston area. She is owned by the Ontario Government.

The new Norwegian America Line flagship VISTAFJORD made her maiden cruise recently, departing New York on June 7 bound for Bermuda. The vessel, a product of Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd. was built at Newcastle. She made one transatlantic crossing from Norway with a small load of Very Important Persons and then started into the cruising trade for which she was built. She will operate mainly on the North Cape route to the fjords of Norway. Your editor was aboard for the Bermuda trip and can report that VISTAFJORD is one of the most beautifully appointed vessels built in recent times. She is a bit of a throwback to earlier ships in that much of her passenger accommodation is finished in wood. VISTAFJORD is heartily recommended.



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