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All joking aside (and we'll admit we had to reach for the title), we are very pleased that this month we can give you a bit more information about the obscure fleet of Point Anne Quarries Ltd. whose operations we described in our last issue. To be quite honest, we were surprised that we found as much detail as we did since never before have we seen anything in print about this company's vessel operations, except for a few references in old "Schooner Days" columns.

We thought we had listed all the Point Anne vessels, but we have now discovered two more and, unless we miss our guess, it seems likely that we may eventually learn of even more vessels that may have been connected with Haney and Miller and the Quarries. Who can help us?

So, to our April listing, add the following:

ANTELOPE (C. 7563l). Wooden two-masted schooner built 1873 at Port Dalhousie by Muir Bros. for operation by their own fleet in the timber trade. 138.6 x 26.3 x 11.4. Net 334. Later cut down to a tow-barge, she was again schooner rigged in the late 1890's and ran the coal trade into Toronto. In the early 1900's she was laid to rest in Muir's Pond above Lock 1 at Port Dalhousie. Some years later she was resurrected by Haney & Miller and in 1914 was owned by Point Anne Quarries' Ltd., being operated as a barge on their stone run to Toronto. Out of documentation by 1918. It is believed that her bones lie somewhere in the Port Credit area.

A. MUIR (C. 72714). Wooden two-masted schooner built 1874 at Port Dalhousie by Muir Bros. for operation by their own fleet in the timber trade. 138.4 x 23.9 x 11.4. Net 330. Very little is known about her early years but by the early 1900's she also had joined the other disused hulls in Muir's Pond at Port Dalhousie. Later brought out by Haney & Miller for use as a barge in the Point Anne Quarries Ltd. stone trade. Still in documentation in 1918, she may have ended her days in the Bay of Quinte.


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