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As our regular readers will know, we make it a practice to present a few words in these pages whenever one of our members brings out a book or any other written material on subjects of marine interest. This month, we are pleased to be able to mention NAMESAKES II, the latest effort from one of our most avid members, John O. Greenwood of Cleveland, Ohio.

Those who have read Mr. Greenwood's earlier work, NAMESAKES OF THE LAKES, will be familiar with its format. It presented photos of all ships currently serving in lake trade and provided descriptions of the ships and their previous histories. Most important, the book gave the derivation of the name of each ship together with a biographical sketch if the ship were named for a person. NAMESAKES II handles each ship in the same way but is a much more important volume, historically speaking, since it deals only with those vessels active on the lakes between 1940 and 1972 and no longer in service. It covers, therefore, many ships which have been elusive both to photographers and to those who would know their complete histories. It is to the great credit of John Greenwood that he has unearthed some extremely rare photos of these ships and has done as complete research into their background as may possibly ever be done.

John's innumerable hours of research have paid off in an extremely handsome hardcover volume of 667 pages. It is printed on heavy glossy stock and each ship is listed on a different page. This will give readers some idea of how many vessels are covered in the book. NAMESAKES, II sells for the price of $19.75 (extremely-reasonable bearing in mind its size and content) and is available from Freshwater Press Inc., Room 446, The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, U.S.A. We heartily recommend NAMESAKES II to anyone interested in lake vessels.


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