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There's nothing your Editor likes better than to get mail about articles we have run in our journal. And boy, did we get mail about our story on the Lloyd Tankers fleet. We were pleased to see that our efforts brought enjoyment to so many readers.

As you all know, we take pains to correct any erroneous information that may creep into SCANNER, and we also publish any additional information which may come to light on a subject we have written up. With these ideas in mind, then, the following information should be added to our January Fleet List.

BRUCE HUDSON - It seems that we were a year out in our story of the HUDSON's second escapade on Lake Ontario. It should read as follows: The HUDSON in tow of ETHEL, was cut adrift on November 16, 1935 (not 1936) while ETHEL went to Cobourg (not Port Hope) for bunkers. When the tug returned and could not find HUDSON, she went to Oshawa from which port the crew telephoned the Port Credit office, only to learn that the steamer BRULIN had picked up the barge and towed her to Port Weller. In addition to BRULIN, the package freighter ELMBAY and the tanker SIMCOLITE also stood by the drifting HUDSON.

ROY K. RUSSELL - They say that there is many a slip, etc., but how we managed this goof we will never know. Somehow we managed to pick up a couple of completely erroneous registry numbers for this ship even though we had the correct ones in our records. Anyway, as JAPAN, she carried official number U. S. 75323 (not 161767), and when she came Canadian she was given number Can. 126526 (not 133752). The numbers we quoted the first time actually belonged to the tug MUSCALLONGE (q.v.) Russell actually purchased the vessel in 1928 and then resold her immediately to Ohio Tankers Corp. (Secord). They had her converted to a tank barge at Buffalo by the King Iron Works during the winter of 1928-29. She did not come back into Canadian registry until 1932. It would appear that Russell had some interest in the ship even during the period when Secord owned her, but this cannot be proven at the present time.

RIVAL - The date of the sinking of this Sin-Mac tug in the Welland Canal should read November 10, 1932 (not 1931). She was, of course, subsequently raised and on December 8th, 1932, she was towed into Port Dalhousie by CHAMPLAIN. RIVAL wintered in the Port and was taken in the Spring of 1933 to Sorel, Quebec, where she was repaired and refitted to resume her duties.

MUSCALLONGE - Fortunately, we now have some more information on the owners of this tug during the second decade of the century. She was first brought into Canadian registry in 1913 when she was owned by Norton Griffiths Dredging Company Ltd., Montreal. She was sold in 1916 to Roger Miller & Company (P.E.I.) Ltd., Montreal. In 1917 she was sold to the Sincennes McNaughton Line Ltd., Montreal, and in 1928 this firm changed its name to Sin-Mac Lines Ltd. and the ownership of MUSCALLONGE was accordingly altered.

Our thanks go to Jim Kidd and George Ayoub for their help with much of this information. We welcome comments from any other readers who may have something to add.


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