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The Editor's Notebook
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Our January meeting was most successful and we had a large attendance including a number of our Niagara area members. Mr. Jursa of the Harbour Commission showed a film, the highlights for marine enthusiasts being some old scenes of vessels wintering in the harbour prior to the redevelopment in the 1920's, and then gave us an address on the subject of harbour planning and the future of Toronto as a port. The address was followed by a rather spirited question period during which a number of subjects were debated.

It appeared that most of those in attendance approved of the serving of refreshments at the meeting and this practice will be continued providing always that we must keep the museum clean, and not make any additional work for its staff. Our thanks to Bruce Smith for his help with the coffee.

We hope that our readers will like the double photopage in this issue. We have included this month the photos which we had to omit from the January number due to the effects of the holiday season on our printer's workload. In particular, the photos illustrating the Lloyd Tankers fleet list may be of interest.

Any members who may be interested in obtaining back issues of SCANNER should arrange to contact the Editor as soon as possible, as the supply will soon be exhausted and we cannot keep stencils forever due to a storage problems.


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