Sixty-four Years Ago

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Sixty-four Years Ago
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The January 3rd, 1907, issue of the "Marine Review" states that:

"The steamer WILLIAM B. KERR which was launched at the South Chicago yard of the American Shipbuilding Company, on Saturday last for the Weston Transit Company, North Tonawanda, New York, is the largest vessel on the lakes and indications are that she will continue to be so for some time to come. The two sister steamers, LeGRAND S. DeGRAFF and WILLIAM M, MILLS, are building at the Lorain yard."

The size of these ships must have been their salvation since, while many vessels of their age have long since been retired, all three units of this trio built for the Mills fleet are still on the lakes. DeGRAFF and MILLS are now GEORGE G. CRAWFORD and WILLIAM J. FILBERT of the U. S. Steel fleet and spent the 1971 season in reserve at Duluth. The first ship, WILLIAM B. KERR, is still active as KINSMAN INDEPENDENT.


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