The Lake Michigan Breakwater Fleet

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The Lake Michigan Breakwater Fleet
T. M. Kirkwood - Steamship Operator
Sixty-four Years Ago
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The Sixties saw the exodus of a large number of lake steamers from our waters, bound for European scrapyards. Not so well known is the fact that numerous others made a one-way trip to the Lake Michigan area for use as breakwaters and piers, both temporary and permanent. For several years now we have been trying to compile a complete listing of the present whereabouts of the many hulls so used, but have not met much success.

We appeal to any readers who may have knowledge of this subject to drop us a note giving us what information they can. If we receive sufficient assistance, we may be able to produce a directory for publication in this journal. If not, your Editor may have to make a trip over there to find out for himself!


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