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One of the most popular items that we have tried for this newsletter has been the reprinting of old vessel passages from newspapers of the past. Perhaps people remember back to the time when it was not unusual to see fifty ships a day at the Welland Canal; perhaps they look for names of ships, now gone, that spark a memory, or perhaps they just remember the glorious days when newspapers even had vessel columns! It is now seven years since the Toronto papers carried a daily column of this type.

No matter what your pleasure, perhaps we can bring back a little bit of the past by this extract from the Toronto Evening Telegram of Monday, August 25, 1947. Twenty-three years is a long time....


August 24 - UPBOUND

Makaweli, Howard M. Hanna Jr., 1:00 a.m.; Robert Hobson, J. Pierpont Morgan, 1:30; Harry Yates, 2:00; Mantadoc, John Irwin, Alva C. Dinkey, 3:00; Vandoc, 3:30; William P. Snyder Jr., Elbert H. Gary, 4:00; Andrew S. Upson and barge Marsala, 5:30; William B. Dickson, Lavaldoc, Thomas Wilson, 6: 00; Chacornac, 8:30; Frank Armstrong, 9:00; Percival Roberts Jr., 10:30; Norman B. Ream, Youngstown, noon; Noronic, Assiniboia, 1:30 p.m.; Wolverine, Charles S. Hebard, 2:00; Cambria, Windoc, 2:30; S. B. Way, William G. Mather, 3:00; John B. Cowle, Clifford F. Hood, Leon Fraser, Powell Stackhouse, 3:30; James Davidson, 4:00; Helen Hindman, George A. Sloan, 5:00; William Edenborn, 5:30; Henry G. Dalton, Norco, 6:00; Charles C. West, 6:30; Altadoc and barge Sagamore, 7:30; Irving S. Olds, 8:30; E. A. S.Clarke, 9:00; Lackawanna, 10:30; Harry Coulby, midnight.

August 24 - DOWNBOUND

Sir William Fairbairn and barge Maia, Standard Portland Cement, 1:00 a.m.; Sewell Avery, 1:30; The Harvester, J.L.Reiss, 2:00; Amazon, J. H. Sheadle, Algosteel, 2:30; Robert C. Stanley, 3:30; William H. Wolf, 6:00; Carmi A.Thompson, Odanah, 7:00; Robert L. Ireland, Mohawk Deer and barge Alfred Krupp, Keewatin, 7:30; David Z.Norton, 8:00; Samuel Mather, 8:30; Peter White, 9:00; William A. Irvin, 9:30; Maunaloa II and barge John A. Roebling, 10:00; Jay C. Morse, Coralia, 11:00; Crete, 11:30; Edward J. Borwind, 12:30 p.m.; D. O. Mills, 1:30; Cornell, Selkirk, 2:00; Cuyler Adams, 2:30; A.H.Ferbert, 3:00; E.E.Johnson and barge Florence J., Kenora, Outarde, 4:00; J. Burton Ayers, 4:30; Douglass Houghton and barge John Fritz, 5:00; D. G. Kerr, 6:30; William J. Olcott, 7:00; Viscount Bennett, 7:30; John T. Hutchinson, 8:00; Sulphite and barge Swederrope, 8:30; Negaunee, 10:00; Edward G. Seubert, 10:30.

August 25 - UPBOUND

Algoway, Beaumont Parks, 2:30 a.m.; Lehigh, 3:30; John C. Williams, 4:00; George V. Perkins, 5:30; Saskadoc, 6:00.

August 25 - DOWNBOUND

Albert E. Heekin, 12:30 a.m.; Colonel James Pickands, 2:30; James Watt, 3:00; William E. Corey, 5:30; Eugene W. Pargny, Henry Ford II, 6:30; Norway, 7:30.

It looks like a pretty good weekend at the Soo for photographers! An interesting point is the number of barges reported in these passages. There are no less than eight steamer and barge combinations shown. One interesting passage is the freighter ALTADOC, and barge SAGAMORE. The barge had just been purchased during the month of July, 1947, by Paterson Steamships Ltd., from C. W. Bryson's India Navigation Co. and Paterson had not yet got around to giving her the new name, KENORDOC.


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