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In the last issue of this newsletter, we mentioned that the old derrick scow, AFT, had been sold to Marine Salvage for scrapping and that she had arrived at Humberstone.

The AFT started life as the package freighter, STARRUCCA, and was built in 1897 at Buffalo for the Union Steamboat Line. She was sold during the winter of 1915-16 to the Great Lakes Transit Corporation and served until the mid 1930's under the name, DELOS W. COOKE. After several years of inactivity, she was reactivated in 1941 by the Nicholson Transit Co. and she sailed for them under the name, STEEL KING, until her retirement at the end of the 1953 season. The barge, AFT, was made from the stern section of the hull in 1955.

Those of our members who have visited the Humberstone yard of Marine Salvage lately will undoubtedly have seen the AFT and we wonder how many noted the unusual workhouse mounted on the deck forward. It is the pilothouse from a laker and it immediately set ye Ed. wondering as to exactly which ship it came from. That's what we want you to tell us and we will welcome guesses from any members. If we get enough replies, we shall publish the answer next month,

We think that we have the identity of the pilothouse tied down. Now it took us a long time to do it, so we'll have to drop a few hints. First of all, forget the hideous orange paint and put in a few panes of glass, as well as two doors. Now try putting on a sunvisor. Any help? If not, try thinking of a vessel, still in operation, that was given a new pilothouse a few years before STEEL KING was cut down. She changed her registry recently.

That's all we'll tell you now. Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!


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