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Welland Canal Diary
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We are pleased to learn that the popular radio program "Welland Canal Diary" will return to the St. Catharines radio station, CKTB, on May 4, 1970. For the uninitiated, this short daily presentation features a listing of all vessels currently transiting the Canal as well as all those expected to arrive at either entrance in the next few hours. The host, Mr. Bill Bird, also passes along interesting facts about the Canal itself and frequently deals with news items concerning ships in general.

The program has proved very helpful to those fans who are chasing one particular ship, and has become quite popular in the few years it has been on the air. We salute CKTB for continuing to take an interest in the Great Lakes shipping scene, and we encourage our members to tune in the program whenever they have a chance. You will find CKTB at 610 on your radio dial.


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