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Welland Canal Diary
Marine News
The Steam Tug "Florence"
Our Member - The Journalist!
Ship of the Month No. 8
Cape Trinity
Anyone for a Trip to the Island?

As most of our readers will know, this newsletter has, up until the present, been published only during the period October through May of each year. This was done because so many of our members leave Toronto during the summer months and we did not wish to be caught short of either workers or readers. Nevertheless, it did lead to an overabundance of news for the October issue and the individual items were usually out-of-date by that time.

As a result, your executive has decided that an extra issue of SCANNER will be published this year and it will be mailed to all members during the summer months. Not only do we hope to be able to keep all our members advised of current items of interest, but we shall be able to announce more readily our plans for starting the new season in the fall.

We would like to thank all those who have sent us items for the Marine News section of our bulletin, and we hope that we will continue to receive your support in our efforts to bring you the best marine publication possible. We should be glad to hear from anyone who feels he would like to contribute to SCANNER, or who has something to add to anything we have published. Only in this manner can we best serve our whole membership.



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