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Fleet List and Short History

by Fred Sankoff

M. S. CHIOS: One of the many ships owned by the Livanos Group of companies on charter to Federal inbound on the Fedsea Line from the Far East arriving Toronto. Photo by Fred Sankoff
Some twenty-five years ago, saw the start of what is now one of the giants of the shipping industry. Federal Commerce & Navigation from the beginning, back in 1944, when Mr. Ernest Pathy set up a small office in Toronto, has come a long way over a quarter of a century to today's operations from its head office in the new Montreal Stock Exchange Building. This is the nerve centre for the world-wide operations of F.C.N., when during the height of the navigation season, some seventy-five ships are on charter with one million tons deadweight besides those that are owned by Federal or its affiliates.

FEDERAL VOYAGER: Upbound in the St. Lawrence passing Vercherres, Quebec, bound Montreal. Photo by Fred Sankoff
Certainly the company has made great strides with the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Just a look around the Port of Toronto during the navigation season is an indicator of that. Steel from Antwerp being unloaded from the giant bulker, FEDERAL ST. LAURENT, owned by Belcan an F.C.N. affiliate; manufactured goods from Japan out of the hold of a new Freedom class ship like the KHIAN SAILOR a number of which are on charter to Federal Commerce. Rubber or plywood from the CHIOS, a Greek vessel also on charter just in from the Far East on the Fedsea Line, having called at such places as Keelung, Kachsiung, Hongkong, Singapore, to name a few.

When the Seaway closes, the charter fleet drops off to about 15 vessels and these operate mainly to the U.S. Gulf or East Coast for bulk cargoes. Most shippers, it seems, still prefer to handle their goods via the Seaway and thus arrange to bring the bulk of their goods in when it is open.

FEDERAL ST. LAURENT: Coming in off Lake Ontario, about to enter Port Weller Harbour. Photo by Fred Sankoff
Federal Commerce have always preferred to charter ships more or less tailored to suit the routes and cargoes to be handled. They vary in size from 7,000 tons single deckers, 12,000-16,000 tons 'tween deckers, up to and including the new FEDERAL SCHELDE and ST. LAURENT which are in the 33,000 DWT class. While the ships carry varied cargoes into the Lakes from the four corners of the globe, generally the cargo out is grain, except those that are on the Fedcom Service to Australia from the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River ports.

A country such as Canada, bounded by the Atlantic on the East and the Pacific on the West, and with our great inland Lakes, that Federal today is the only large Canadian ocean-going operator either of owned or chartered ships to fully utilize our ports and natural waterways.

Ship-Owning Companies

Far Eastern Shipping Limited

Belcan S. A. (75% owned)

Cobelar S. A. (75% owned)

Federal Commerce & Navigation Co. Ltd.

Federal Terminals Limited

Two ships now being built in Japanese shipyards are owned by F. E. S. Belcan owns the FEDERAL SCHELDE and FEDERAL ST. LAURENT. Cobelar formerly owned the PATIGNIES.

The Fleet 1947-1969

1. FEDERAL MARINER (1947-1950) - FCN - 2895 gross, 1658 net, 4700 DWT. 315'5" x 46'5" x 22'9". Blt. 4-1945 as EVANGELINE PARK. Blt. by Foundation Maritime, Pictou, N. S. Sold to Brazil 1950 (a) SANTA MONICA (b) 1954 NAVEM MONICA.

2. FEDERAL PIONEER (l) - (1947-1950) - FCN - 2964 gross, 1635 net, 4700 DWT; 315'5" x 46'5" x 23'0". Blt. 6-1945 as BELL PARK. Blt by G. T. Davie & Son Ltd., Lauzon, Quebec. Sold to Brazil 1950, renamed SANTA HELENA.

3. FEDERAL TRADER (1947-1951) - FCN - 286l gross, 1658 net, 4700 DWT; 315'5" x 46'5" x 23'0". Blt 5-1943 as LANSDOWNE PARK. Blt by G.T.Davie & Son, Ltd., Lauzon, Quebec. (a) 1951 PROVINCIAL TRADER (b) 1951 GANDER BAY (c) 1955 ATLAWILL (d) 1958 CARIBBEAN TRADER. Stranded total loss as the S.S. CARIBBEAN TRADER, July 6, 1963, on the Alacan Reef north of Progresso, Mexico.

4. FEDERAL VOYAGER (1947-1961) - FCN - 7140 gross, 4410 net, 10,776 DWT; 441'6" x 57'2" x 27' 8 1/2". Blt 9-1944 as FORT EDMONTON. Builder, Burrard D.D.Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C. Sold for scrapping in Japan, 1961 (Chiba).

5. FEDERAL EXPLORER (1955-1960) - FCN - 2057 gross, 1168 net, 2935 DWT; 263'0" x 43'2" x 16'6". Blt 10-1922 by Frazer Brace Ltd., Three Rivers, Que., (a) 1922 FRANK A. AUGSBURY (b) GRANBY '26 (c) PARITA '45 (d) VALBRUNA '51 (e) LAWRENCECLIFFE HALL '52. Sold 1960 to Greek interest, renamed ITHAKA. Stranded in Hudson Bay, September 14, 1960.

6. FEDERAL PIONEER (2) (1958- ) Federal Terminals - 7158 gross, 4308 net, 10,697 DWT; 441'5" x 57'1" x 27' 8 1/2". Blt 9-1944 as OUTREMONT PARK. Builder United Shipyards Ltd., Montreal, Que. (a) 1946 BRAZILIAN PRINCE.

7. FEDERAL MONARCH (1959-1962) - Federal Petroleum Tankers - 26,912 gross, 17,072 net, 41,245 DWT; 710' 2" x 96' 5" x 36'. Blt 1959 by Davie S.S. Ltd., Levis, Que. Sold 1962 to Maple Leaf Mills. Managed by Leif Hoegh & Co. Inc., New York, on long term charter to Imperial Oil. Sold 1965 to Oswego Unity Corp. and renamed OSWEGO UNITY.

8. FEDERAL EXPRESS (1960- ) FCN - 1040 gross, 574 net; 209'3" x 33'2" x 18'0". Blt 1944 as H.M.C. WEST YORK, Midland S.B.Co. Ltd. (a) EXPRESSO '60 (b) MOULAY BOUCHALB '53 (c) GUATEMALA '46. Sunk in St. Lawrence River at Montreal, P.Q., May 5, 1960 after collision with a Swedish freighter.

9. FEDERAL BEAVER (1960-1965) - Federal Terminals - 182 gross, 55 net; 95'5" x 27'9". Blt 6-1962 by Russell Bros. Ltd., Owen Sound, Ontario (tug), based at Port Cartier to assist ore carriers. Sold in 1965 to Quebec Cartier Mining Co., renamed MANICOUGAN.

10. SEAWAY STAR (1960-1966) - Fed. Sea Equipment Ltd., 10,635 gross, 6629 net; 523' x 67'8" x 29'0 1/2". Blt 1949 by Furness S. B. Co. Ltd. Originally built as a tanker and converted to a bulker in 1960 (a) ELEONORA MAERSK '49 (b) JANINA '58 (c) DEALMOUTH '62. Sold by FCN 1966 to Aaron Maritime Co., Liberia; renamed FRIEDA.

11. FEDERAL HUSKY (1962-1965) - FCN - 3525 gross, 2508 net; 379' x 46' x 26'. Reblt 1928-1929 Collingwood Shipyards, Collingwood, Ont. Built originally as barge; converted to lake freighter in 1907. Operated by Algoma Central & Hudson Bay R. R. until wrecked on Manitoulin Island, December 10, 1927. Salvaged in 1928 and rebuilt at Collingwood 1929. Returned to service in 1929 as the ROBERT P. DURHAM, owned by Arrow Steamships, Toronto. (J. E. Russell of Toronto and R. A. Campbell of Montreal). Sold 1940 to Quebec and Ontario Transportation Co., and renamed HERON BAY. Purchased in 1962 by FCN and sold by them in 1965 for scrap. Arrived Bilbao, Spain, November 26, 1965.

12. PATIGNIES (1962-1969) Cobelar S.A., Antwerp - 14,176 gross, 10,959 net, 21,400 DWT; 600'3" x 75'5" x 30'7". Blt 1962 by J. Boel & Fils, Tamis. Sold Greek 1969.

13. FEDERAL SCHELDE (1967- ) Belcan S.A., 19,645 gross, 14,012 net, 33,000 DWT; 681'0" x 75'3". Blt 1967 by Cockerill Yd., Hoboken. One of the largest bulk carriers on the Lakes.

14. FEDERAL NIAGARA (1968- ) FCN - 15,961 gross, 14,084 net, 27,000 DWT; 579'10" x 81'6" x 32'0". Blt 1968 Osaka Zosensho, Osaka.

15. FEDERAL ST. LAURENT (1968- ) Belcan S.A., 19,644 gross, 14,012 net, 33,000 DWT; 681'0" x 75'3". Blt 1968 by Cockerill Yd., Hoboken.

16. YARD NO. 298, Far Eastern Shipping Ltd., 18,500 DWT. 479' x 74'10" x 30'. Builder, Osaka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Osaka. Delivery December 1969.

17. YARD NO. 299 - Far Eastern Shipping Ltd. - 18,500 DWT. 479' x 74'10" x 30'. Builder Osaka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Osaka. Delivery February 1970.

Vessels on Charter to F.C.N. into the Great Lakes
During the 1969 Season

KHIAN SEA (Freedom)



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