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Captain John Graham

Captain John Graham, of Detroit, Mich., at present master of the yacht Cynthia, is a typical fresh-water sailor. From the age of ten years he has spent almost his entire life on the Great Lakes, having never taken up any other occupation that would cause him to leave them even for a single season. He was born in Port Huron, Mich., in the year 1852, of Irish parents, both of whom are still living, in Lexington, Mich. He attended school in his native town, and at the age of ten secured a place on one of the smaller lake vessels, and having begun at the bottom he followed his vocation until he reached the top. He had to work his way from the beginning, but by faithful service and natural ability he rose gradually to the position he now holds. After serving before the mast, as second mate, and as first mate, Captain Graham secured his first command some ten or twelve years ago, when he took out the steamyacht Lillie for A.E. Brush, and he was afterward placed in charge of the schooner Brooklyn, still later bringing out the steamyacht Pilgrim, the old Truant. About two years ago Mr. H.B. Mills, the millionaire tobacconist, secured Captain Graham as master of the well-known and costly yacht, the Cynthia, which he brought out and sailed the first time. He is well preserved and enjoys the best of health, his thirty years on the lakes having served to make him strong, robust and well conditioned.

Captain Graham was married in 1885 to Miss Rosa Dowd, of Detroit. They have no children. The Captain usually winters in Detroit.


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