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Captain William Ellsworth Franklin
A. B. Fraser
Joseph Frawley
Frank D. Fredericks
William And Robert Freeland
George F. Freitas
George Fritsche
George J. Fuhrmann
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Louis Feesler

Louis Feesler was born in 1862 at Wickliffe, Ohio, and attended the common schools of his native town for eight years. In 1878 he went to Cleveland, where he was employed in a brass foundry two years, after which he worked for Mr. Lohman, on Long Street, at carriage painting. The next two years he spent in Toledo, Ohio, at the end of that time returning to Cleveland, and obtaining employment in the wholesale and retail boot and shoe trade with Adams & Ford, on Bank street, with whom he continued four years.

In 1886 Mr. Feesler shipped as fireman on the tug American Eagle, with Capt. Dahlke, continuing on her two and a half seasons, and was then on the tug Dreadnaught one season. In 1890 he received his license as engineer and shipped on the tug Warswick for three seasons, after which service he took the same berth on the tug Jessie Enos, trading between Cleveland and Vermillion in the fish business. He then went with the Enos to Fairport, where he left her, and returning to Cleveland engaged the following season as engineer on the tug Seawing, which he took to Erie, Penn., finishing the season there. Returning to Cleveland, he received the appointment in the spring of 1896 of engineer on the tug C. G. Castle, of the Vessel Owners Towing line, transferring from her to the J. R. Sprankle, on which boat he closed the season. Mr. Feesler was united in marriage, with Miss Ella Harrington, of Toledo, Ohio, in 1884.


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