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Captain Edward Evans

Captain Edward Evans, master of the steamer City of Fremont, is one of the younger sailors of the Great Lakes, and has served in many subordinate positions, rising steadily by his own ability to the command of a steamer. He has inherited his predilection for the lakes, for his father was for many years one of the well-known mariners of inland seas.

Captain Evans was born in St. Joseph, Mich., July 29, 1859, the son of Henry and Elizabeth Evans. The father was a native of Pembrokeshire, South Wales, born in 1829, and in 1841, when a lad of twelve years, took to the sea. He followed ocean sailing until about 1851, when he came to America. Reaching Buffalo, he sailed out of that port for many years in schooners engaged in the lumber trade between Chicago and Buffalo. About 1866 he quit the lakes and engaged in farming, six miles south of St. Joseph, Mich., where he remained until his death.

Edward Evans was educated in the public schools of St. Joseph. At the age of fourteen he began his career on the lakes, but for several subsequent winters he continued to attend schools, and, being a great reader, he added greatly to the knowledge which his other meager educational opportunities afforded him. He began his marine experiences as second porter on the Corona, of the Goodrich line. He was on the boat for five seasons serving successively as first porter, watchman and wheelsman. Then, quitting steamers, Mr. Evans went into sailing vessels, and for two years was before the mast on the Lizzie Doak. Then for two years he was second mate of the canal schooner C. A. King, engaged in the iron and grain trade on all the lakes. Then followed one season as second mate of the John Kelderhouse. The next year he was mate of the steamer Favorite, trading in the northern part of Lake Michigan. From her he went as captain of the steambarge Michael Groh, engaged in the lumber trade, remaining two years in that capacity. Captain Evans was then transferred to the steambarge M. C. Neff, owned by the same company, and engaged mainly in the lumber trade from Lake Michigan ports. For eight seasons he sailed the Neff. He next served as captain for a period of two years, in the service of the Wisconsin and Michigan Car Ferry Company, towing a car ferry between South Chicago and Peshtigo or Green Bay. In April, 1898, he took command of the steamer City of Fremont, of the Hurson line, and has sailed that vessel during the past season.

Capt Evans was a charter member of the Chicago branch of the Ship Masters Association, but has since withdrawn his membership. He is a member of the F. & A. M., and the Independent Order of Foresters of Canada. He was married in 1886 to Miss Johanna Buckley, of Appleton, Wis., and has one child living, Harry. In sailing Captain Evans has had uniform success. He has never in the twenty-five years of his service been once discharged, and he is a careful and judicious master endowed with the reliance that comes from self-help.


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