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Captain Hiram C. Eldredge

Captain Hiram C. Eldredge, son of Alonzo and Mary J. Eldredge, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, February 25, 1853. He attended the public schools of his native city until he reached the age of fourteen, going through the grammar grade. In 1867 he commenced his life on the lakes with Captain Cowley as boy on the schooner Sutler Girl, remaining two years, and in 1869 shipped before the mast on the topsail schooner Ellen White. The following year he was employed on a railroad running into Cleveland. In 1871 he shipped for part of the season, as seaman on the schooner E. R. Turner, then finishing on the schooner Jamaica. In 1872 he was appointed second mate on the schooner Ida Keith, remaining on her all season. In 1873 he shipped as mate on the Wagstaff, closing the season on the Ahira Cobb before the mast. The next spring he was appointed mate of the Samuel J. Tilden, retaining that office until the close of navigation. In the forepart of the season of 1875 he was wheelsman on the Comet, and while in that capacity lost the little finger on his left hand, and during the remainder of the season of 1875 he served as wheelsman on the Cormorant. Afterward he occupied different positions on various vessels until 1880, when he was appointed mate of the schooner, Selkirk, closing the season on the schooner Sweetheart, afterward lost on Lake Huron. In 1881 he filled berths on different vessels, and in 1882 was appointed mate of the schooner Camden, remaining with her one season. In 1883 he superintended the working of the derricks at the construction of the "Stillman Hotel" in Cleveland, Ohio. >From 1884 to 1890 he sailed as mate of different vessels, going as mate of the schooner Niagara during the latter season, after which he was appointed master of the steamer Saginaw, remaining in this office one season. He was appointed master of the schooner Josephine, and followed that service by a season as pilot of the yacht Wadena. In 1894 he sailed the V. Swain a part of the season, it being afterward burned. In 1895 he came out in the Victory, built at South Chicago, and in 1896 shipped as mate of the steamer R. E. Schuck, closing the season as mate of the steamer Frontenac. During the season of 1897 he officiated as mate on the steamer R. P. Ranney, then sailed southwest for a time; early in 1898 he started out on the steamer Hesper, later joining the steamer Superior, which sprang a leak and was laid by for repairs August 28, finishing upon the steamer A. J. Lindsay, from which boat he made the attempt to reach saltwater. He is a member of the Ship Masters Association and carries Pennant No. 952. He is also a member of the Odd Fellows fraternity.

Captain Eldredge was united in marriage to Miss Frances A. Bell, of Cleveland, formerly of Dexter, Maine. There have been born to this union three children: Herbert C., Burnette Chester and Mertis Bell, all of whom attend the excellent public schools of Cleveland. The family resides at No. 74 Tennessee Street, Cleveland, Ohio.


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