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Captain D. B. Cadotte
Captain Frank J. Cadotte
G. W. Cady
A. J. Cameron
J. A. Cameron
Robert Cameron
Charles C. Campbell
D. Campbell
George Campbell
Captain Neil Campbell
T. H. Candler
P. Canton
Captain John C. Carey
Captain Thomas J. Carney
Captain Charles Carland
Captain William Carlisle
Frank J. Carloss
Edmund J. Carmody
Captain William Carolan
Captain Calvin Carr
Captain Edward Carr
Frank M. Carr
Captain Michael Carr
Charles Carrick
William Carrick
James A. Carroll
Captain James M. Carroll
Captain Alonzo Carter
Andrew Carter
Edward A. Carter
Captain Henry Carter
John W. Carter
Daniel L. Cartwright
Captain Edward Carus
Henry Casey
C. Castle
John Caul
William Cavanagh
Henry Chalk
Captain William Chamberlain
Henry L. Chamberlin
Myron K. Chamberlin
Elmer E. Chapin
James L. Chase
The Chase Machine Company
Captain Cornelius B. Chatterton
Captain Robert Chestnut
Robert Chestnut Jr.
Captain Willis E. Chilson
Daniel W. Chipman
Daniel W. Chipman, Jr.
David Churcott
J. H. M. Claggett
James Clancey
William Clancy
Captain Alexander Clark
John Pearson Clark
Robert A. Clark
Captain George H. Clarke
John C. Clarke
Captain W. E. Clarke
Captain Andrew Clausen
Captain Charles R. Cleveland
Captain David Mitchell Cochrane
Captain John W. Cochrane
William Cocklin
Fabian B. Cody
Captain U. S. Cody
Henry D. Coffinberry
Captain B. Cole
Captain Luman P. Cole
Captain W. A. Collier
George Alfred Collinge
Captain George Collins
Jeremiah Collins
Simon J. Collins
Captain Thomas Collins
William Collins
Captain W. E. Comer
Captain Edward Comerford
Captain John Condon
M. Conley
Samuel P. Conkling
Captain John Connor
Joseph B. Conard
Daniel Conway
J. J. Conway
Captain Robert Cooney
Frank Coons
Captain Joseph Corcoran
Captain James Corrigan
Captain John Corrigan
James Cotter
Captain William Cotter
Captain John Coulter
James H. Countryman
Charles Coushaine
George M. Cowan
William Cowan
John Beswick Cowle
Theodore E. Cowles
John Cowley
Robert Craig
Robert Craig
Captain Alexander Craigie
Captain Daniel P. Craine
Captain Elmer W. Craine
Captain S. Crangle
George Crawford
N. L. Crawford
S. S. Creadon
Captain Joseph Criqui
John M. Cronenweth
Jasper N. Crosby
John L. Crosthwaite
William Crosthwaite
William H. Crowley
Edward C. Cullen
Thomas J. Cullen
William F. Cullen
Captain Hamilton Cummings
George E. Cunningham
W. J. Cunningham
Captain Shephard H. Currie
William H. Curtis
Clarence E. Curtiss
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The Chase Machine Company

The Chase Machine Company was organized in September, 1888, for the manufacture of the Chase automatic fog whistle machines, stationary and marine engines, steam pumps, dredging machinery and deck engines, and to do a general business as engineers, machinists and blacksmiths. Later specialties have been vacuum power hammers and drop hammers, automatic hotwater heaters, marble-cutting machinery, and marine machinery of various descriptions. The Chase automatic towing engine, for handling a wire tow line, and automatically relieving it from the extraordinary strains of rough water towing, and the Chase steam steering engine, with hydraulic lock and speed governor, are among the latest and most novel of the Chase patents. This company also builds in considerable numbers a wide variety of hoisting engines for marine and other work, and a special type of three-cylinder mining hoist has been favorably received. Officers of the company at its formation were G.C. BARNES, president; J.L. CHASE, vice-president and general manager; J.H. BALL, secretary and treasurer, and Luther ALLEN and G.E. CHALFANT, also directors. Other directors have been J.H. PANKHURST, Walter MILLER, Robert S. HAY, Charles E. NEWELL, and J.D. KIRBY. Present officers are James L. CHASE, president and general manager; Walter WILLIAMSON, vice-president, and Frederick Metcalf, secretary and treasurer. A biographical sketch of Mr. Chase follows. Mr. Williamson is a skilled machinist of wide experience as foreman and superintendent, and formerly of the firm of Williamson & McDermott Twist Drill Company. Mr. Metcalf is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, and has had eleven years experience, mostly in charge of marine hydraulic work.


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