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Captain Robert Young

Captain Robert Young was born in New Castle county, Del., December 16, 1844, and is the son of Rufus P. and Sarah (Bullock) Young, who were natives of the same State, and of Scotch and English descent. The father was a soldier in the war of 1812. In the county of his nativity, Captain Young attended the common schools until thirteen years of age, when he went as a cook on a small boat on the Susquehanna river, which was employed in the shipping business. After two years spent upon that vessel, the following spring he was appointed cook and mate of a sloop that carried brick and wood from northeastern Maryland to Baltimore. He next shipped on the schooner Ardelia Kelley, running from Baltimore to Providence, R. I., and Boston, and on the John Lynn went to China and the islands of the China Sea, a trip which occupied thirty-six months. On arriving at Queenstown, the ship was ordered to Baltimore, and soon afterward Captain Young was employed on the Black Ball line, running from New York to Liverpool. In the next few years he visited the West Indies, the coast of Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1862 the vessel on which the Captain sailed was shipwrecked at Lisbon, Portugal, and at that place he then joined the United States navy, serving until the close of the war as ship corporal, sergeant and quartermaster. In 1865 he first went upon the lakes, as a sailor on the schooner Columbia for one season, but spent the year 1866 in the Pennsylvania oil regions. Return to the lakes in 1867, he served as second mate on the schooner Donaldson for three years, and after serving as mate on the J. G. Maston for some time, he was given command of the Acorn, Lotus, America and the Donaldson, upon which he remained for seven years. For the past twelve years he has been the popular and efficient captain of the Cuba.

On December 16, 1873, Captain Young married Miss Margaret Furlong, a native of the Isle of Man, and they have two children: William E., who was formerly with the Daily News and Inter Ocean of Chicago, but is at present connected with the New Haven Evening Register, of New Haven Conn.; and Rufus P. who is still in school. The Captain is a member of the Masonic order; is president of the Ship Masters Association, and also belongs to the grand lodge of the latter organization.


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