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Captain Matthew J. Yipe, Jr.

Captain Matthew J. Yipe, Jr., although young in years has had four issues of first-class master's license, unlimited, and comprising all of the lakes, and he never took out a second-class paper. He has proved himself a good pilot, a reliable officer, and a man of great force of character, and rising to the eminence on which he now stands by his own untiring efforts. He was born September 14, 1868, on Grosse Isle, Mich., a son of Mattew J. and Mary (Buford) Yipe. His father was born in Alsace, at one time a Province of France, but now belonging to Germany, and came to the United States with his parents, locating in Detroit - the Captain's mother's native city and where the two grew up and married. His father, Capt. John Buford, was an accomplished mariner of three generations ago. After their marriage Mr. And Mrs. Yipe settled on a farm in Grosse Isle, near Trenton, and it was at those two places that our subject acquired his education in the public schools.

In the spring of 1885 Captain Yipe first adopted the marine life on board the steamyacht Fairy, owned by L.D. Rucker, plying between Trenton and Grosse Isle. The next two seasons he passed as watchman on the steamer William A. Haskell, and in the spring of 1888 was promoted to the berth of wheelsman on the lake tug Gladiator, which position he held until August of the next year, when he came out as watchman on the new steamer Manchester, of the Inter Ocean Transportation Company. In the spring of 1890 he was appointed second mate on the steamer Rube Richards, and the following season was promoted to the position of mate, which he filled until September, when he transferred to the steamer Rufus P. Ranney as second mate. In the spring of 1892 Captain Yipe entered the employ of the Union Steamboat Company as second mate of the Tioga, and in September he was advanced to the mate's berth, which held until June, 1894, when a change of masters caused him to transfer to the steamer Byron Whitaker, as mate, remaining with her until she was laid up in the fall of 1896. In the spring of 1897 he entered the employ of John Mitchell & Co., as mate of the steamer William F. Sauber, on which he closed the season of 1898. The only fraternal society of which he is a member is the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

On January 28, 1895, Captain Yipe wedded Miss Elizabeth J., daughter of Michael and Roseley Steffes, of Ecorse, Mich. During his marine life the Captain invested his earnings in real estate at Oakwood, Mich., where he now has a handsome homestead and unimproved town lots.


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