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Marine Disasters Of 1871
[Total number of disasters, 1860-71]

Brig Fashion, lost jibboom and outfit in a gale on Lake Michigan.

Schooner Keewanee, lumber, ashore at Racine; lightered off.

Bark America, ashore at Waugoshana, lost lumber; lightered.

Propeller Free State, machinery disabled at Mackinaw.

Propeller R. G. Coburn, ashore at Portage Canal, badly damaged; assistance from Detroit.

Propeller barge R. J. Hacket, ashore in a fog at Thunder Bay, and detained several days.

Schooner H. C. Winslow, struck Sault canal and sprung aleak.

Schooner F. D. Barker, damaged by collision with schooner Amsden, St. Clair River.

Propeller Benton, rudder disabled, repaired at Detroit.

Schooner Japan, on Herson's Island, detained two days; lightered.

Scow American Champion, arrived at Detroit minus a jib.

Schooner Columbian, towed on the head of Belle Isle; lightered off.

Schooner Harvest Home, lost jibboom by collision in Detroit River.

Propeller City of Detroit, ashore at Point au Sable; released by propeller Messenger.

Schooner Algerine, cargo stone, ashore on Chickaluna reef; lightered off.

Schooner Trenton, arrived at Port Colbourne with most of her sails gone.

Steamer North Star, broke cylinder head in Green Bay.

Tug J. H. Martin, collided with barge Tuttle in St. Clair river; former damaged.

Barge St. Clair, cargo lumber, waterlogged in Lake Huron.

Propeller S. D. Caldwell, sunk schooner St. Lawrence by crowding her on a pile at Chicago.

Bark Monitor, lost foretopgallant mast in Lake Erie.

Tug L. A. Crawford, damaged $100 by fire at Chicago.

Schooner Robert Emmett, lost anchor and chain outside Buffalo harbor.

Schooner Excelsior, broke jibboom by getting foul of a shed at Buffalo.

Schooner Sea Bird, cargo ore, ashore at Ashtabula; released.

Propeller Mary Jarecki, damaged forefoot and sprung aleak at the flats.

A Phoenix steam pump rolled overboard from tug Grant in Lake Superior.

Schooner James Couch, lost her lee boards coming up Lake Erie.

Schooner Resolute struck a rock in Erie Basin and sprung aleak.

Bark F. Morrell, collided with scow Nettie in St. Clair River; latter lost jibboom.

Steamer Cuyahoga, cargo lumber, on head of Belle Isle; lightered off.

Steamer Rochester, ashore at Camp Meeting Point, Lake Ontario; released.

Steamer Picton, went ashore while attempting to release the latter steamer.

Schooner Denmark, ashore at Rond Eau; released by Revenue steamer Gen. Sherman.

Tug Geo. H. Parker, loses portion of a raft on Lake Huron.

Propeller Galena sunk a scow at Swan Creek by running foul of her.

Schooner A. H. Moss, run foul of schooner A. Bronson in River St. Clair: both damaged.

Schooner Arab, lost jibboom by colliding with a bridge at Chicago.

Bark Col. Ellsworth, arrives at Detroit minus her mizzen topmast.

Schooner Montezuma, sprung her center board on Lake Huron.

Schooner Guide, lost anchor and yawl in a gale on Lake Michigan.

Schooner R. J. Sanborn, struck Manistee pier and sunk inside.

Bark Arabia, ashore in a fog on Lake Huron; jettisoned grain and released.

Schooner Scotland, cargo lumber, waterlogged and returns to Detroit.

Tug Gen. Burnside, arrives at Detroit with wheel loose.

Propeller Lac La Belle, missed the pier and went ashore at Grand Haven.

Steam barge Wyoming, damaged on a pile at East Saginaw.


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