Vessels Now on the Stocks and to be in Commission in 1855.

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Vessels Now on the Stocks and to be in Commission in 1855.
Summary of Marine Disasters and Loss of Property on the Lakes for the past Seven Years.
[Buffalo Vessels]
Marine Disasters and loss of Life and Property on the Lakes for the Year 1854

We have compiled the following statement of the number and class of vessels now on the stocks at the several Lake Ports, from returns received in answer to a circular we addressed to the Ship-builders at those points. As yet we are without returns from several ports, but sufficient is given to show that the amount of tonnage to come out next Spring, will fall far short of that in 1854.


At Messrs. Jones Yard, there are 4 vessels now on the stocks.

1 Barque of about 400 tons,for Captain Glass.
2 Schooners of 300 tons each, for Hiram Niles and other parties.
1 Schooner of 330 tons for Capt. M. Dimick

At Messrs BIDWELL & BANTA's Yard

1 large wrecking propeller of about 200 tons, she is to have two engines from Shepards Iron Works and will, we understand be a very powerful vessel.

At E.K.BRUCE's yard, adjoining Bidwell & Banta's, there is 1 schooner of 350 tons and 1 scow schooner of 250 tons on the stocks.

Sims & Brother are building a tug of about 100 tons burthen, on the Canal, which will be out early in the Spring.

Buffalo Total building Tonnage 2,230


Mr. MOSES is building for Chisholm & Moses a freight steamboat, 30 foot beam, 12 foot depth of hold, 200 feet long, of 600 tons burthen, and a propeller of 500 tons for Buffalo owners.

CHARLES HINTON is building for Joseph Greenhalch a steam tug of 90 tons.

STEVENS & PRESLEY 2 schooners, one of 400 tons for themselves, and the other of 275 tons for Capt.Dowling.

LAFFRINIER & STEVENSON, 2 schooners of 375 tons each, one for themselves the other for Mr. Baldwin of Oswego.

R. CALKINS is building a schooner of 380 tons for R. K. Winslow, he is also repairing the schooner MILWAUKEE BELLE, putting in 4 inch arches, and 40 diagonal knees.

QUAYLE & MARTIN, a 380 ton Brig for Lacy & Clark.

Total Cleveland building Tonnage..3,655


CHARLES STEVENS yard one sail vessel of 260 tons. The schooners STRANGER, COM. CHANCEY, BRIGHAM are all at the same yard rebuilding.


At the yards at the above point, there are 2 schooners of about 360 tons each on the stocks and one of 375 tons.


At WM. LENT's yard there is a vessel of about 250 tons burthen building for H. Hubbard & Co., and one of 350 tons for Harmon & Pratt.


There are building at this point, two vessels, one of about 230 tons and the other of 250 tons.


By J.P.GREY & Co.

" UNCLE TOM "(launched) of 300 tons, will be out in April.
" SEBASTOPOL " 365 tons, out in April 15th.
" MAELSTORM " 300 tons, out April 20th.
" SEA SWIFT " 300 tons, out August 1st.
" ALACRITY " 300 tons, out August 15th.


2 Fore & Aft schooners for opening of navigation, one 300 tons and the other 250 tons.


1 schooner of 300 tons for opening of navigation.


1 schooner of 200 tons, to be fitted, coming April.



1 schooner of 370 tons and 1 schooner of 200 tons. There will likely be two more veesels commenced this Winter.


a small steam-boat of about 200 tons, for the Island trade.


The only vessel on the stocks at Detroit at the close of 1854 was a schooner of about 275 tons, at the yard of MR. WOLVERTON. The new propeller for J. L. Hurd & Co.'s North Shore Line was launched late in the Fall and will be out for opening of the navigation.


At this point there were no vessels on the stocks on the 1st January 1855, though it is understood one sail vessel would be commenced this winter.


ASA WILCOX, is building one schooner, of about 375 tons, which is expected to be out in the spring..


The only vessel building at this point is a schooner, of about 375 tons, burthen by Capt. Canfield.


Messrs SMITH & WHITNEY, will probably commence building a schooner at their yard at East Saginaw, during this present winter.


Capt. JONES at his ship-yard on the river has two schooners, one of 250 and the other of 125 tons, on the stocks.

Capt BARBER is about to lay the keels of a schooner of 130 tons and a sloop of 70 tons, and several Norwegians are building, on their own hook a schooner of 100 tons.


Mr. GILSON, is building at his yard a schooner of 400 tone, for Gardner & Co. of Chicago. He is also adding 25 feet to the schooner MARY.

Messrs. BEAUPRE & Co. are building a schooner of 140 tons burthen for Wilson & Whittemore of Michigan City.

J. S. HARVEY contemplates building a schooner during the coming spring.

Messrs. KIRKLAND & LYMAN intend building a propeller this winter for the accommodation of shippers at that port.


There are three schooners on the stocks at the present time, that will average 125 tons each, and will be out in the spring.

We have also received a number of letters in reply to our circulars, from shipbuilders at different points on the Lakes, which state that the yards in their neighborhood are all idle, the scarcity of money preventing a large number of parties from building this winter....

The following is a list of steamers, propellers and sail vessels, with their tonnage and where built, on the lakes during the year 1854, so far as we have been able to obtain them.

Steamers Where Built Tonnage
Plymouth Rock Buffalo 1,991.13
Western World Buffalo 2,002.42
North Star Cleveland 1,106.73
Illinois Detroit 926.72
R. R. Elliott Newport 321.29
Maid of the Mist Lewiston 100.00
Total Steam Tonnage 6,448.39
Oriental Buffalo 9,50.25
Toledo Buffalo 585.25
Sim Buffalo 629.32
Omar Pasha Buffalo 343.81
Hamilton Morton Buffalo 144.55
Wm. Peck Buffalo 172.75
Little Eva Buffalo 20.00
Mount Vernon Huron 577.77
Plymouth Cleveland 846.40
Ottawa Cleveland 300.00
Robert N. Foss Cleveland 260.00
Dick Tinto Cleveland 205.00
Genesee Rochester 128.17
Total Propeller Tonnage 5,163.47
Great West Buffalo 765
Emily J. Roelofson Buffalo 385
Col. E. Camp Sacket's Harbor 360
Sonora Sacket's Harbor 368
Sunshine Saginaw 516
Jesse Hoyt Saginaw 472
American Republic Erie 460
Black Warrior Cleveland 380
B.s.shepard Cleveland 509
Republic Clayton 392
White Squall Clayton 317
Clayton Clayton 430
Great West Oswego 375
Total Barque Tonnage 5,729
J. J. Audubon Cleveland 371
Black Warrior Cleveland 384
John G. Deshler Cleveland 373
N. M. Standart Cleveland 480
Black Hawk Ohio City 380
Julia Dean Cleveland 498
Empire State Buffalo 396
Geneva Chicago 210
Fanny Gardiner Pensaukee 327
Gladiator Black River 210
John H. Harmon Detroit 301
Total Brig Tonnage 3,930
Schooners Where Built Tonnage
Iowa Cleveland 369
Fulton Cleveland 360
Kenosha Cleveland 377
Phalarope Cleveland 371
Garden City Cleveland 329
Twin Sister Cleveland 275
Twin Brother Cleveland 283
S. Robinson Cleveland 312
Star of the North Cleveland 287
Wings of the Morning Cleveland 340
John B. Wright Cleveland 384
D. W. Solloway Cleveland 11
Happy Go Lucky Cleveland 15
Arab Buffalo 344
Cairo Buffalo 355
G. M. Chapman Buffalo 318
Hurricane Buffalo 331
Little Bele Buffalo 158
Maple Leaf Buffalo 299
Nautilus Buffalo 306
Republic Buffalo 300
Harriet Ross Buffalo 229
Three Bells Buffalo 305
Energy Buffalo 293
Richard Mott Buffalo 296
Robert Bruce Buffalo 313
Autocrat Irving 364
Grand Turk Irving 336
Clifton Irving 165
H. F. Wade Ashtabula 173
E. G. Gray Ashtabula 170
Berlin Milan 270
Tros. Dyer Milan 300
Flora Watson Milan 290
J. B. Shaw Milan 290
Live Yankee Milan 260
Marquette Milan 283
Echo Milan 254
International Huron 389
C. C. Griswold Vermillion 360
N. P. Goodell Fairport 220
Andrew Scott Erie 222
Wm. Arbuckle Erie 160
M. L. Collins Toledo 304
Ottoca Toledo 170
Honest John Chicago 117
Levant Chicago 164
H. Y. Atrill Chicago 36
Curlew Racine 275
Pacific Racine 80
D. D. Dickinson Milwaukee 384
Fred Hill Milwaukee 268
C. Harrison Milwaukee 187
Charley Hibbard Milwaukee 209
Josephene Lawrence Milwaukee 135
Napole0n Milwaukee 156
Norway Milwaukee 230
Souvenir Milwaukee 64
Milwaukee Belle Milwaukee 370
Walton Milwaukee 48
Myra Milwaukee 100
Stronach Milwaukee 160
Lewis Luddington Sheboygan 240
C. Norton Sheboygan 150
Charlotte Sheboygan 156
Western Star Sheboygan 245
Stella Two Rivers 180
T. G. Scott Port Huron 96
Clipper City Manitowoc 185
Transit Manitowoc 120
Conquest 18 Mile Creek 183
Gov. Hunt 18 Mile Creek 184
Greyhound Clayton 120
P. P. Gage Cape Vincent 109
Plymouth Rock Oswego 243
New World Oswego 85
Coleraine Oswego 212
D. Williams Oswego 80
Wayne Oswego 80
Young America Oswego 331
Frank Wilder Michigan City 50
Home Black River 91
Peoria Black River 238
Gladiator Black River 170
Pride Sandusky 70
Helen Kent Detroit 142
Henrietta Holland Colony 81
Kitty Grant Milwaukee 105
Total Schooner Tonnage 19,469


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