Lake Huron

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Lake Erie
Lake Michigan
Lake Huron
Lake Ontario
Lake Champlain
Vessels Now on the Stocks and to be in Commission in 1855.
Summary of Marine Disasters and Loss of Property on the Lakes for the past Seven Years.
[Buffalo Vessels]
Marine Disasters and loss of Life and Property on the Lakes for the Year 1854

Vessels Enrolled and Licensed in The District of Michilimackinac for the Year 1854
Pioneer 55.25
M. L. Martin 71.05
Peytona 109.24
Badger State 40.83
Baltimore 513.75
Ward 433.55
Miosha 206.56
W. A. Knapp 55.60
V. Barton 47.52
Napoleon 181.75
Manhattan 319.60
Peninsula 362.00
There Are Several Sail Vessels Enrolled in the Districts but Their Names We Were Unable to Obtain. The Sail Tonnage However, Aggregates 2,069.62
Michilimackinac Total Tonnage 4,462.62


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