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A Return To Cabotia
Ship of the Month No. 163 GREY BEAVER and BROWN BEAVER
Robert A. Zeleznik
Lay-Up Listings - Winter 1987-1988
Paul Manion Revisited
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Table of Illustrations
1 An unusual photo caught FULTON, dressed for some occasion, downbound in the old Welland Canal whilst owned by the Mathews Steamship Co. Ltd.
2 An extremely rare Welland Ship Canal official photo shows BROWN BEAVER, in Hall colours, upbound at the Thorold South guard gate, May 31, 1932.
3 It was about 1934 when the camera of J. H. Bascom caught BROWN BEAVER and CHIPPEWA in winter quarters in the York Street slip, Toronto.
4 Photo by J. H. Bascom shows BROWN BEAVER upbound above old Lock 20, west of Cornwall, on October 31, 1957.
5 It is October 10, 1959, and GREY BEAVER is downbound at Welland, just above the Main Street bridge. Photo by J. H. Bascom.
6 A September 17, 1961 photo by J. H. Bascom shows BROWN BEAVER, WITH U.L.S. diamonds on her stack, laid up in the Spadina, Avenue slip, Toronto.

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