St. Clair River Shipwrecks

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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Lakers on Videotape
Winter Lay-Ups Thirty-One Years Ago
Birchglen Unloaded
Ship of the Month No. 160 Bruce
Ship of the Month No. 161 Paul Manion
Algerian Revisited
St. Clair River Shipwrecks
Table of Illustrations

T.M.H.S. member Cris Kohl of Chatham has recently produced a book which many of our readers should add to their collections. Shipwreck Tales: The St. Clair River (to 1900) is a 206-page, 9 x 6 hardcover, printed with good quality and illustrated with 47 photos on glossy stock. A teacher and avid diver, Cris has assembled a useful compilation of the stories of many shipwrecks which occurred in the busy St. Clair River up to and including the first year of the current century. His research has been extensive and all of the sources of his material are fully identified.

We heartily recommend the volume and suggest that those wishing to acquire it should address Cris Kohl, 16 Stanley Avenue, Chatham, Ontario N7M 3J2, for Cris is not only author but also his own publisher. Cost is $15.95 per copy, plus $2.00 postage and handling.

We look forward to seeing a second volume to update the record through the twentieth century...



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