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Table of Illustrations
1 On August 29, 1987, GLENEVIS and CHIPPEWA were downbound at Port Colborne towing THOMAS W. LAMONT. Photo by the Editor.
2 Late-season young photo caught SUPERIOR downbound at the Soo in 1913. Note JAMES A. FARRELL in background.
3 RALPH BUDD is wrecked on the Keweenaw Peninsula in this 1929 photo.
4 RALPH BUDD is in Playfair colours at Toronto Elevators. Photo c. 1932 by J. H. Bascom.
5 The date is July 1938 and RALPH BUDD, in Upper Lakes & St. Lawrence colours, is again at Toronto Elevators. J. H. Bascom photo.
6 On December 7, 1963, L. A. McCORQUODALE made her last trip down the Welland Canal. Photo at Homer Bridge by J. H. Bascom.

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