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CADILLAC, in tow of TUSKER and GLENADA, and bound for Turkish breakers via Quebec, passed down the Welland Canal August 19-20. The tow ran into trouble above the Eisenhower Lock in the Seaway, involving a near-collision with a passing vessel and damage to GLENADA, and the tow was delayed considerably. CHAMPLAIN was taken down the Welland on August 31st by ELMORE M. MISNER and MICHAEL D. MISNER.

Two more idle USS Great Lakes Fleet vessels have gone to the breakers, these being the 1942-built "Super" ENDERS M. VOORHEES, and the 1930-built THOMAS W. LAMONT, the latter having been repowered as a diesel in 1965. Both have been idle at Duluth for a number of years, and are to be dismantled at Istanbul, Turkey. The VOORHEES was taken down the Welland on August 28 by AVENGER IV and GLENBROOK, while LAMONT passed through the canal on August 29 in tow of CHIPPEWA and GLENEVIS. We understand that the tug JANTAR will handle the transatlantic portion of the tow.

Wonder of wonders! At the time of this writing, U.S. Steel was intending to commence the fitting out of ROGER BLOUGH at Sturgeon Bay during the first week of September. The reason for the unexpected reactivation of the long-idle 833-foot self-unloader is an unusual shortage of ore at the company's Gary plant. It will be recalled that, in 1986, the fit-out of the BLOUGH was begun, but was halted when the ship was some five days away from sailing, as a result of a sudden decrease in tonnage requirements. We hope that the big laker will actually get to sail this time.



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