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Ship of the Month No. 152 UNITED EMPIRE
Lay-Up Listings - Winter 1986-87
More About Cayuga, Turbinia And Modjeska
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Table of Illustrations
1 Very early but detailed stern view shows UNITED EMPIRE at Kincardine. Photo courtesy Ron Beaupre.
2 UNITED EMPIRE, in Beatty colours, is upbound in the St. Mary's River.
3 This view of UNITED EMPIRE leaving the Canadian Soo Lock appeared on the dominion four dollar noe of 1902.
4 "Old Betsy", with her white hull, is seen at Sarnia shortly after the turn of the century.
5 Spirited view of SARONIC was taken by J. Boyd, probably about 1910 on Lake Huron.
6 Unusual photo of W. L. KENNEDY and C.H. GREEN appears to have been taken on the St. Clair River. We know nothing of the circumstances.

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