Glenellah - Calgarian Again

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Glenellah - Calgarian Again
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Our October Ship of the Month was the package freighter GLENELLAH (27), (b) CALGARIAN (II). To further the material presented in that feature, we can now comment that, on Saturday morning, May 13, 1933, CALGARIAN, whilst downbound from Toronto for Montreal with general cargo and a deck load of autos, encountered fog and stranded off Salmon Point in eastern Lake Ontario. Her master at the time was Capt. Howard Baxter. The tugs SALVAGE QUEEN and SALVAGE PRINCE came to the scene with a Pyke Salvage lighter, and they refloated the steamer on May 15, her only damage being several sprung plates.

We should also mention that the reboilering of CALGARIAN, and the fitting of her new stack, in the spring of 1950, was done at the Kingston shipyard.


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