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The November Meeting featured the second half of Roger Chapman's presentation of photos of lake ships of yesteryear. Roger's excellent slide reproduction of many historic photos combined with some very interesting and informative comment from the members present to produce a most enjoyable evening.

As we all know, the inclemencies of winter weather can play havoc with our January, February and March meetings. In the past, we have tried to notify members in the event of a forced cancellation, not always with great success. As a result, we are trying a new approach this season. If weather conditions should make it questionable as to whether a meeting will be held, members in the Toronto area may call Gordon Turner (762-3130) or the Bascoms (921-8436) for information. Niagara Peninsula members may call David Bull (935-1601) to confirm whether a meeting will proceed as scheduled. PLEASE CALL ONLY ON THE ACTUAL EVENING OF THE MEETING AND ONLY IF CONDITIONS ARE SUCH AS TO MAKE POSSIBLE THE CANCELLATION OF THAT MEETING.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to R. G. Knight of Toronto, to Kenneth Wright of Glenburnie, and to L. Bud Cunningham of St. Catharines.


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