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The Editor's Notebook
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As usual, the October meeting featured members' photos illustrating their widely varied summer shipwatching activities, and a most enjoyable evening was the result. We thank all those who brought (and even sent) slides to be shown, and we thank Roger Chapman for once again serving as projectionist.

MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR THE 1986-87 SEASON: If you heeded our requests in the Mid-Summer and October issues, and sent us your renewal for the new season, then you will be reading these words secure in the knowledge that "Scanner" will keep coming to you. Those who have not renewed will not receive this issue, so if any of your friends should comment that they have not received the November "Scanner", you might remind them that their membership renewal is overdue. The response to our renewal requests has been very encouraging and we greatly appreciate the kindness and support of all those who renewed in a timely fashion.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Capt. Marcel Carre of Montreal, to Michael Gosselin and John Cann of Toronto, and to Arvid Morken of Duluth. And welcome back to all those who have renewed recently!


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